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Multi-Family Housing Utility Allocation & Billing
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Great American Utility Company specializes in utility cost recovery for multi-family housing properties through allocation billing. We will help you recapture your actual utility expenses.

Great American provides accurate accounting, billing and collection services for multi-family communities to recover utility expenses through the FairShare Programô. Utility expenses of the property are allocated to the residents to recover the costs. Great Americanís business process was designed and tested by multi-family community owners who understand the intricacies of apartment operation to meet the specific needs of property owners. Our main goals are to provide timely and accurate utility billing on a monthly basis and give outstanding client support and customer service. Great American makes the transition process easy to begin recovering utility expenses.

Acquire a detailed billing analysis of your property. Fill out the Property Analysis Form (PDF) and fax to Great American for a free, no obligation analysis of how allocation billing will benefit your property.

What challenges do you face right now?

  • The Internet has revolutionized the apartment-search process and provides more interactivity between leasing agents and prospective renters.
  • Rent is the leading search criteria when prospective renters are searching for an apartment. By using a utility billing service to recover utility expenses you can separate rent from the cost of utilities to maintain your marketability when advertising next to competitors on the internet.
  • Stabilize rent amounts. By charging back utility expenses you donít have to worry about raising rents to compensate for rising utility rates.
  • Low rent amounts are more significant to prospective renters compared to a separate utility bill.

Expensive Utilities?
  • Utility expenses are projected to drastically increase.
  • Shift the burden of utilities to the residents. When residents are responsible for a portion of the utilities they are more likely to conserve energy and water, and conservation efforts create lower utility bills.

Loss of Revenue?
  • Utility expenses are detrimental to a propertyís income, especially now that energy and water costs are at an all time high.
  • Utility expense reimbursements from residents combined with a more energy conscious resident increases the net operating income (NOI) and the overall value of the property. Plus, Great American services require no capital cost.
  • Receive the first monthís billing absolutely free!

In-House Billing Too Much Hassle?
With Great American you will receive improved operational efficiency. We will manage the allocation and billing tasks for the property, allowing property managers to remain focused on the business of managing the property, staff and residents.

Unhappy with your current utility billing company?
  • Great American will assist you in developing a customized billing program specifically for your property.
  • Great American Utility surpasses the other billing companies regarding customer service and client support. We pride ourselves on remaining flexible and providing accurate and timely monthly billings.
  • We will ensure a smooth transition from a property-pays system to a resident-pays system by providing the tools to explain the program to on-site teams as well as residents and future residents. We provide billing services at no cost to the property and guarantee better billing services in every aspect. No long-term contract required.
  • We provide billing services at no cost to the property and guarantee better billing services in every aspect. No long-term contract required.

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